Our purpose is to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region we serve through our commitment to Love Every Drop, but we can't achieve this alone. What we do really matters. Water is the lifeblood of our region. It allows communities to thrive, businesses to grow and families to get on with their day to day lives, delivering a future that keeps taps flowing, toilets flushing, and environments flourishing for generations to come.

From sourcing the tiniest widget to building state-of-the-art infrastructure, we depend on our suppliers to help us get the job done. And we want to make sure we work even better together, thinking innovatively and delivering differently, as we embark on what is our largest and most ambitious plan ever.

Our annual Supplier Awards is our way of saying thank you and recognising the contribution our suppliers and partners make to our success.

The category shortlists are:

Leaving a Legacy

Customer Experience - Make Today Great Award

At Anglian Water, our ambition is to help make life better for our customers, every single day. This award recognises the team or individual who has made a significant contribution to our customer experience by putting in that extra effort making today great for our customers.

56 Degree Insight

Developer Services DMeX Collaborative Working Group

Revel Studios

Community Award

We've made a long-term commitment to create a sustainable future for our region. This award recognises the innovative work we're doing to make a positive difference to our customers and their communities and demonstrating acting in the public interest.

Anglian Water Alliances – STEM Strategy 

Kier Natural Resources, Nuclear and Networks

The Wild Tribe  

Carbon Neutrality Award

Climate change is one of our biggest challenges and the Anglian region is particularly vulnerable. We have committed to become a carbon neutral business and we know that reducing carbon reduces cost. This award recognises the team or individual that demonstrates excellence in reducing carbon.

@one Customer and External Communication Team

Cadman Cranes

Kemira UK Ltd

Saint – Gobain PAM

Environment Award

We are custodians of our environment and fully committed to creating a flourishing sustainable future for our region. This award recognises the team or individual or programme that demonstrated a significant contribution to environmental improvement or their activity helped Anglian Water to make a significant environmental impact.

IMR - RISC and Monitor Team


SPA – Ecology Team

Predictable Service Delivery

Collaboration Award

Many of our projects are managed and delivered by working with others collaboratively across teams, departments and organisations, ultimately to deliver on our purpose and goals. This award recognises those that have gone above and beyond and exhibited strong collaboration to enable success.

Dodd Group (Eastern) Limited

IMR Water Recycling DSV Project Delivery

Morrison Water Services and AWS Optimisation Team


Efficiency Award

Efficiency has always been important to us, but going forward we have to do more with less. This award recognises the individual, team, project, or scheme that has delivered savings year on year, by doing something different. The demonstrable savings could be in the form of new processes, reducing waste, adding value while at the same time contain or reduce cost.


Reinstatement, Utilities and Streetworks Team

Switchserve Ltd

Team of the Year Award

This award recognises the team that delivers excellent service all year round. They are exemplar in what they do, living and breathing our values. Open to frontline and back-office teams alike, they demonstrate outstanding working practices and are truly high performing.

@one Alliance – Sewer Rehab Team

Barhale IOS Storage Point Team

Dalcour Maclaren

IMW @one Umon4 Delivery Team

LIFE - Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award

This award recognises those teams and individuals who place health and safety at the heart of the way they work, protecting and developing both the physical and mental welfare of their colleagues.

@one Tier 2 Forum

Co-creation and IMR H&S Stream


TWD Maintenance team and Andrew Turner Innovations

Embracing Opportunity

Innovation and Research Award

We face tough challenges and have set ourselves ambitious goals, so have to achieve excellence in innovation. Innovation is no longer an option, but an obligation. This award recognises the team or individual who has played a key role in delivering a fresh, creative and unique approach into the heart of Anglian Water's business.


MapleSky Ltd

Triple Carbon Reduction Project Team

Digital Change and Transformation Award

We live in the information age. Digital advancements enable learners to grasp concepts faster and gain deeper understanding, connect theory and application more adeptly, and engage in learning more readily. This award recognises the team or individual who have fast-tracked digital change and transformation through their business to stay ahead of the digital curve.

Binnies UK Ltd

MapleSky Ltd


Safe Smart Systems Project Team

The following awards are chosen by the judges from all the entries:

Supplier of the Year (SME)
Supplier of the Year (Large)
Special Recognition Awards

(The focus of these awards will be on Deliberately Delivering Differently)

Nominations are now closed for this year’s awards. 

The awards will be presented at an award ceremony on Friday, 28 June 2024 at Rutland Water.